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Emails and sky

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SadBut · 01/04/2023 08:06

With cost spiralling i really do need to move from sky for broadband
I've always had sky
Every single thing is under sky email
Banking, mortgage absolutely everything
If I move internet provider can i access sky emails afterwards? Thanks

OP posts:
BasicDad · 02/04/2023 15:07

I believe SKY uses Yahoo underneath their service, and will maintain your account even if you leave their service. They typically have policies that will delete accounts that haven't been used for half a year though.

SadBut · 02/04/2023 16:08

That's really handy to know. Thank you

OP posts:
BlackFriday · 02/04/2023 16:10

I had sky and then switched to VirginMedia but kept my sky address. Now we're back with sky (but probably not for long).

widowerbutok · 02/04/2023 18:05

Just a thought, it may be an idea to create say, an outlook and/or a gmail address and move critical emails over to them. Try with less important sites until your comfortable with them.

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