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How can I get my twitter account back? I've messed up.

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TheLoneRager · 30/03/2023 19:14

I've had my twitter account since 2011 and have a few thousand followers. I've never entered my DOB, or phone number or anything identifying in my settings.
From time to time twitter stops me seeing things age restricted and I'm quite happy to have porn filtered out thank you, though weirdly I have seen some pretty grim stuff that escapes the filter. 🤷‍♀️

Anyway the other night I wanted to look at something age restricted - not porn! Probably just a vile comment to someone I follow. So I thought sod it, I'll just enter a random DOB.
Occasionally websites etc want a DOB and I just always put 1/1/2000
So that's what I put. Ticked the box saying "That's absolutely truthful" 😉 and bam, my account is locked!

Silly me, I was confused that it said I had to be at least 13 but I guess it must have done the maths to work out that I would have been 11 when I opened the account.

Anyway, in order to get it back twitter is demanding ID for proof of age. Presumably passport or driving licence or something.

I really, really don't want to give twitter my ID.

I'm so pissed off, so stupid of me, it wasn't anything important I wanted to see, just idle curiosity and a snap decision without any thinking about it.

Anyone got any helpful suggestions or do I just have to say goodbye to my lovely followers, bookmarked tweets and articles etc, clever username, and start all over?

I do have a couple of other accounts but I set them up so long ago and used a throw away email, so I can't do two factor authentication to change my password or settings or anything and I can't load one of them onto different devices so although I'm using them right now they won't do. I'll need to open a shiny new account. 😭

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BasicDad · 31/03/2023 22:57

Have you checked their data handling policies in regards to identification? Most organsitatons outside of finance, gov and healthcare tend to use and then hard delete.

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