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BloomingHyacinths · 27/03/2023 14:03

My google storage is nearly full, mostly photos.
I have a few google accounts so thought I could use a different one to back up photos to in future.
Set it up on my samsung phone to use and back up to a new account but it seems to insist on backing up all the existing photos to the new account.

Is there a way to just back up future photos?
I don't want to sign out of my main google account on the phone because of emails.

OP posts:
BasicDad · 27/03/2023 23:44

It will sync everything from your camera roll.

You could move all your camera roll photos to a new folder and make sure Google photos doesn't back up that folder (you'll retain your other account cloud backups)

There is also a delete from device option in Google photos, so the cloud back up remains. Or you can delete using a differnet gallery app and you still keep the Google cloud backup.

I'll be honest with you though. Using multiple Google cloud accounts for backups is asking for future trouble. At £1.59/month for 100GB, I'd recommend avoiding the potential heartache.

BloomingHyacinths · 28/03/2023 14:16

Thanks @BasicDad I hadn't thought about potential for future problems.

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theblackradiator · 27/05/2023 15:25

Bloody hate Google photos now that it is no longer free. I have paid for extra storage but it is still not enough as I have thousands of photos and videos going back 15 years. Even the £79 per year will not give me enough storage as I have lots of long videos. I have resorted to just transferring my pics & vids from my samsung phone to an external hard drive. I really miss being able to put a micro sd card into a phone as that was also extra storage. get yourself a hard drive.

BloomingHyacinths · 27/05/2023 15:28

This was a while ago and I was just gearing up to paying!
We used to keep photos on a hard drive before cloud storage, all my digital pics before about 2014 are on hard drive. I'll go back to that.

OP posts:
SwedishEdith · 12/06/2023 21:14

What I can't work out with Google storage is that I have some photos saved to folders in Drive and the same ones in Google Photos. Why can't Google recognise it's the same photo and count it as one item for storage? I'm presuming it doesn't.

And the really irritating thing is not being able to remove photo attachments from emails. I've had someone send me photos, I've saved the photos but can't then remove them from the email so can keep the messages. Presumably, again, Google counts the image twice for storage (email and wherever I've downloaded it to)?

I'm at the point now where I'll probably have to pay. I keep trying to avoid it though.

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