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Need an ECG monitor

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Mischance · 08/03/2023 11:41

As I intermittently get atrial fibrillation I need a smart watch with ECG facility. Can anyone suggest what might be best?

OP posts:
LittlePinkPill · 08/03/2023 12:10

Would it not cause more anxiety if it over/undersensed? If you already have a diagnosed condition, are you not already routinely monitored or on blood thinners?

Mischance · 08/03/2023 13:51

I am on blood thinners, but every now and again things go haywire and an ambulance is needed. I just need to be able to identify when this is needed. 111 has an algorithm that spits out Send Ambulance every time, but when they come it is not always necessary to be admitted.

OP posts:
FixTheBone · 09/03/2023 14:42

The only two approved by the FDA for detection of Atrial Fibrillation are the Apple watch 4,5,6,7 or 8 or the Galaxy watch 3,4,5, or 5 Pro - You need a iPhone to go with the apple watch and a Samsung Galaxy phone to with the Galaxy watch.

The accuracy is 90% supposedly. I would discuss this with your cardiologist in the first instance though, as they may have direct experience of these devices and specific knowledge of your arrhythmia which might be important.

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