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Can I download my Microsoft outlook contacts into .vcf format? Trying to sort out my dad's new phone - please help

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KatyMac · 10/02/2008 17:57

I'm desparate

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KatyMac · 10/02/2008 18:10

Aw go on - you can't abandon me to his attempts to fix it?

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KatyMac · 10/02/2008 18:22

I might just kill him

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KatyMac · 10/02/2008 18:31

OK so I have worked out that I need to save each of his 3.5 million contacts as a vcf file - do I have to do it one ata time?

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opinionateddad · 12/02/2008 18:56

hmm.. what model phone is it??.. you if moto or nokia you can sync the phone directly with you pc's address book.. sort out the data and then sync back

KatyMac · 14/02/2008 09:39

Apparently (according to dad) it's an 'Octopus'???

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