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Connecting 2 headphone sets to one device

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SnuggleBuggleBoo · 10/12/2022 18:46

My parents like to sit and watch dvds together on my dad's laptop, but my dad hears better with headphones and I'm certain my mum will too, so I'm going to get her a set for Christmas. BUT I don't know what gadget/s are needed to ensure they can both connect. I don't know much about technology at all! If anyone can advise me I'd much appreciate it!

OP posts:
MandaLynn · 10/12/2022 18:54

Just need a headphone splitter. Can get from amazon

FeelingLetDownMessedAround · 10/12/2022 18:56

Yeah I was going to suggest a splitter. It can make it a bit quieter in each one but hopefully still loud enough.

There might be a Bluetooth headphone gadget that allows more than one set of headphones to connect at a time but I'm not sure.

AriettyHomily · 10/12/2022 19:07

Yep you just need a splitter. Can they cast into a bigger screen so not huddled over a laptop?

SnuggleBuggleBoo · 10/12/2022 20:12

Thanks for the quick replies guys! I was just thinking that they like to listen to an audiobook while they eat in the evenings too, so it'd be great if there was a solution for them to both pair to the same device over bluetooth?

I've looked at splitters on Amazon but they all seem to have very mixed reviews. Can anyone personally recommend one please?

It's a big laptop - they don't have a TV. They're happy with the picture, it's just their hearing isn't so good these days, especially my mum's.

OP posts:
jafioad2607 · 27/05/2023 11:49

To enable both your parents to connect their headphones to your dad's laptop for shared DVD watching, you can use a headphone splitter or a Bluetooth transmitter depending on the laptop's capabilities and their headphone preferences.

Headphonetic - Unbiased reviews from Professionals

Unbiased reviews from Professionals

EdinaCrump · 27/05/2023 11:57

Audio splitter would work, but Sennheiser RS 120-W might make this easier. Available on Amazon.

I’ve used the older RS 120 version for years - we started so the tv noise didn’t wake the baby (now a teenager).

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