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My pc broke, engineer has just left but everything has been wiped. HELP

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MAMAZON · 30/01/2008 17:35

its basicly had a new hard drive and optical drive fitted.

everything has gone ( all my music, files and pics all gone) and i now need to load all the gumf i had back on.

i have tried re installing Msn messenger but its not letting me. it keeps telling me that there is a problem with teh connection,...but im online so there isn't.

im really rubbish with this technical stuff so can anyone help me talk me though it very slowly lol

oh, and MN looks really wierd now

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ZippiBabes · 30/01/2008 17:36

have you backed everything up?

MAMAZON · 30/01/2008 18:15

i have most of the pictures on disc and some of the music.

but its the things like Limewire and msn that im having a nightmsre with.


OP posts:
ZippiBabes · 30/01/2008 18:16

ooh i thought limewrie was terrible for busting pcs

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