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any Excel whiz kids on Mumsnet tonight please? I can't open two of my college files and I'm in a panic.

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mckenzie · 25/01/2008 22:02

I have 5 files that I created about 2 weeks ago and I update them all pretty much daily and always save them. Tonight I have gone to open them and three come up completely as normal but two of them, although the file names are showing etc, when i click to open them the screen stays as it was and no file is opened.
DH has checked the files in some other format and says that they do exist and that they do have text and data in them.
I tried e mailing them to myself but when i then clicked to open the files, nothing happened.

Please please can any one help me? Thankfully I am only 3 weeks in to my college course so the files weren't huge and can be re-done but I'm gutted.


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Teuch · 25/01/2008 22:03

reboot then try again

somersetmum · 25/01/2008 22:06

Are you clicking on the right path, pointing to your c:/ drive? Do you back them up and is it possible that you are trying to open the version that's on your memory stick, but because your memory stick's not there it can't find them?

RustyBear · 25/01/2008 22:09

Do the college computers have Office 2007? If so you may have saved them in the 2007 xlsx format instead of the 2003 & earlier .xls

If so, you need to download this so you can convert them.

DD's 6th form college has Office 2007 & she does this all the time..

mckenzie · 25/01/2008 22:14

thanks for the replies.
Teuch - I have rebooted already, that didn't help.

Rustybear - I have only created and used them on my home computer which is 2007. I don't access them at college.

Somersetmum - they are just on my hard drive, I dont have them on a memory stick.


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vixma · 25/01/2008 22:17

Have you saved them to a disk or mem stick

vixma · 25/01/2008 22:19

Try giong on my computer in the start menu. Click on c drive and see if your files will come up there.

vixma · 25/01/2008 22:19

It should have all files in there, any luck?

mckenzie · 25/01/2008 22:25

vixma - done that and the file names show but when I click to open them... nothing! de nada! Zilch!

OP posts:
RustyBear · 25/01/2008 23:47

Have you tried the Open & Repair option? (I've only got Office 2003, so 2007 may be different)

In excel click on file -open. When the dialogue box comes up, click on the file you want & then on the arrow next to Open & choose Open & repair from the menu.

Teuch · 26/01/2008 11:21

when they open, can you check thatthe filename along the very top of your screen is the actual file you are trying to open?

If it is, look at the folder tabs along the bottom of the might be that you are looking at a blank sheet but that the worksheet with the data in is still there.

mckenzie · 27/01/2008 18:58

thanks for the extra replies. It seems I had somehow 'Hidden' the contents of the files .
They have now been 'Unhidden' and are working just fine. What a relief.

Thanks for all the advice everyone.

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