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Doy ou know where I can download a free anti virus thingy?

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MamaVonG · 23/01/2008 11:03


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Aitch · 23/01/2008 11:03

google AVG

BigGitDad · 23/01/2008 11:04

Pretty good

Loshad · 23/01/2008 11:04

second avg, need to search site hard to find the free applications.

MamaVonG · 23/01/2008 11:05

THank you

OP posts:
BigGitDad · 23/01/2008 11:09

I also run this programme along side AVG, they are really good as I got infected with a virus a few months back and AVG did not pick it up but these guys sorted it when I downloaded it, very cheap as well at £17 odd quid. As I say I run the two along side each other.
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GeekBoy · 23/01/2008 13:35

and if you're going to spend £17then look at NOD32 - NOD32 is still the only AV program that's not been caught out by a virus in the wild..

southeastastra · 23/01/2008 13:36

spybot search and destroy
ad aware

all free downloads - seem to do the job

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