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AOL ghost

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Scramble · 18/01/2008 13:30

Help I hear a door opening then a female voice says "you've got company", I check IM and all that and can't see any message or anything.

Urgh just heard the door closing again, its freeaking me out.

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SlightlyMadShrek · 18/01/2008 13:32

I now have a PC with no AOL software on at all.....

...just thought I would like to make you all .

Scramble · 18/01/2008 13:37

See I hate the AOL interface, I minimise that then open up internet explorer, but I still hear if I get mail, now this bloody door opening and distant voice saying "You've got company". Fine but who and where are they, a name has appeared on my recent buddy list. I know the name but can't find his message or anyother trace of him.

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SlightlyMadShrek · 18/01/2008 13:41

Do they appear on your buddy list as JOanna Lummly speaks? That is what is happening I think.

Unfortunately I have never managed to delete the random buddies that appear just because you once emailed [email protected] because of an ebay query etc.

SlightlyMadShrek · 18/01/2008 13:42

IO know that you can change the voice somehow, maybe you can turn it off

Scramble · 18/01/2008 13:44

Nothing beside his name, I only have his nmae there no others, when I double clic it says he is no longer logged on. Does that mean everyone can see how long I am logged on for?

I will try clicking it when I hear the door opening again.

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Scramble · 18/01/2008 13:44

But I will still haves ghost creeping about just not able to hear them and I like to know when I get an email.

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SlightlyMadShrek · 18/01/2008 13:48

LOL...AOL is a phantom in its own right!!!!

Maybe you can adjusts the sound effecs for buddys but not email?

marymoocow · 18/01/2008 13:56

It just tells you that when someone in your address book that is also an AOL user is logged on (and yes they can see if you are on too!) There are ways of changing what it says. Go into Settings then My Expressions (I think) and change your Buddy settings.

I really do have far too much time on my hands.

Scramble · 18/01/2008 14:15

Thanks that amkes sense now.

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