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Garmin Nuvi sat nav - help me enter my data! Im useless!!!!!!!!

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Wolfgirl · 15/01/2008 21:09

Im trying to follow instructions on the DVD disc they send you, all very Americanised, and they dont tell you how to enter an address where there is no door numnber. Like I want to put in some of my work addresses, that are just centres (mostly on hospital grounds)

how do you get around that one? helppppp pleaseee! xx

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Wolfgirl · 16/01/2008 09:22


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cluelessnchaos · 16/01/2008 09:25

I just press enter and go onto the street name, I havent looked at the dvd though, just played about with it,

Tortington · 16/01/2008 09:27

i just enter the street and find it from there.

as a side warning - do not prorame you home address as being your home address - but rather somewhere close. if someone steals your car with your satnav in they will know where you live and that you are out ( as they are in your car)

Wolfgirl · 16/01/2008 15:56

thanks ladies, and great idea custardo!!!

I did manage to get hold of a Garmin help line and called them this AM, however my unit is brand new and not fully charged, so lost power whilst the chap was talking me through.

here is one thing I learnt!

Where there is no door number, only a house number maybe, or a centre, hosptial etc, you should type in 0 (zero) in the bit where it asks for a house number. So, you have typed in the postcode, next step house number, type in 0. the satellite picks up the building associated with that PC, or as near to it.

I still need to learn how to delete individual entries, or make changes.

HTH you guys too. xx

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