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I have broadband so why doesn't my pc keep saying I'm offline and asking me to connect to dial-up?

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Kbear · 07/01/2008 22:38

eh? eh?

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Kbear · 07/01/2008 22:38

I meant why does my pc keep saying I'm offline?

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RustyBear · 07/01/2008 22:44

You may have something installed that is set up to use the dial up connection - see this query.
Where's LL when you need her?

Kbear · 07/01/2008 22:48

Rustybear, thanks!

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hoxtonchick · 07/01/2008 22:50

is it virgin broadband? ours is crap, really unreliable. never had any problems when it was blueyonder. moan moan whinge whinge. sorry kbear, this isn't helping you is it....

Kbear · 07/01/2008 22:52

yes it's Virgin. It was fine until something happened to the pc the other week and we lost everything and had to start from factory settings and reload everything.

I wish I knew about pooters!

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GeekBoy · 08/01/2008 12:42

how's your broadband working? Wireless/USB/Wired? All the dial-up bits in Windows are tied into Internet Explorer.. you can make things not dial up by opening Internet Explorer, Click on tools/Internet Options and then select the connections tab. Set the dialup preferences to Never dial a connection and see what that does for you.

Kbear · 08/01/2008 13:57

I did what Rusty's link said and so far so good!


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