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Adobe file is opening up with Internet Explorer but I want it to open with Adobe reader

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dingdongmerrilyonFLIER · 30/12/2007 17:10

and I can't think for the life of me where I can change the settings to enable this to happen.

Can anyone help?

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lapiNewYear · 30/12/2007 17:15

If you save the PDF file to your desktop; right-click on it, choose "Open file with..." then select Adobe Reader and tick "always open files of this type with this program" (or words to that effect).

AlienEars · 30/12/2007 17:16


Right click on the file name
then Open with
and select Adobe from the list

That will sort it this time round, and (in Vista) there is a box to tick to make it always deal with adobe files in this way.


SixRustyGeeseALaying · 30/12/2007 17:20

(Assuming you're on XP)If it's saved on your pc, in Windows explorer or My Computer right click on the file & choose Open with.. then click on Adobe from the list. If you want to change all pdfs so they open with Adobe, click on Choose program & put a tick in the box that says Always use the selected program to open this kind of file.

lapiNewYear · 30/12/2007 17:22

It's like there's an echo in here!

SixRustyGeeseALaying · 30/12/2007 17:33

echo dies away in the distance.......
dingdongmerrilyonFLIER · 30/12/2007 17:57

thanks everyone, very, very much

sorry I wasn't here for a while after posting, cooking dinner.

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