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Yorkshabird21x · 15/12/2007 09:10

i got a new laptop last night and tried my 'standard' internet cable but it was too big to fit into the back of it. its one of those cables that fit into a normal house phone.
does anyone know what cable i need to get please

OP posts:
snorkle · 15/12/2007 11:07

Do you have a dial up internet connection or broadband?

There are 3 types of cable I can think of that you might be confusing.

Biggest of the lot is ethernet cable (which you would use to connect the ethernet port of your laptop to a router or modem). A laptop should have a port for this. Some older modems use USB not ethernet to connect to the laptop.

Next is DSL cable which you would use to connect a modem or router/modem to the DSL port of ADSL broadband. There would not normally be a port on a laptop to fit this.

Finally, and smallest of all is a phone cable which you would use to connect a laptop direct to an ordinary phone socket if using a dial-up connection. The connection for this would usually be RJ45 but there are variants. A laptop would usually have a port for this.

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