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Trying to set up Sky broadband - 8 customer support calls later.....

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FunkyGlassSlipupandyouredead · 24/10/2007 14:37

Can someone give me some advice?

A month ago we signed up for sky broadband.
They sent the router through the post and BT line got set up.

Tried to install and not working. Sky support said all looked fine so must be a problem with the router.

BT engineer came today and said router is fine, it is an account authentication problem.

Sky support got me to change password a couple of times but still no joy.

I am thoroughly fed up of speaking to customer support. I have asked to escalate the problem and talk to a supervisor. They wouldnt let me talk to a supervisor but told me the next level of support would call me - hopefully in the next 24 hours but certainly within 5 days (wtf??).

So, my virgin broadband is due to be terminaed in 4 days time. My Sky isnt working yet.

What are my options? If I cancelled the SKY contract would I have to pay a redemtion penalty given that they havent actually provided any sevice yet?

Are BT broadband any good?

I dont know what to do really. I know this is more a rant than a 'technical' question but I am throughly fecked off at the moment..

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Saggarmakersbottomknocker · 24/10/2007 14:45

We have Sky BB - it all went swimmingly. At what point does it go pear-shaped?

This site has some useful info.

FunkyGlassSlipupandyouredead · 24/10/2007 14:51

We get as far as putting in admin & sky in the router section.

We've configured it with out sky id and password but when you check router status it says CHAP authentication failed.

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mesaloca · 24/10/2007 14:58

SO your virgin broadband is still active? If that is the case then that is your problem. Or have I misunderstood?

Saggarmakersbottomknocker · 24/10/2007 15:05

Virgin is cable though isn't it? And Sky a BT line.

FunkyGlassSlipupandyouredead · 24/10/2007 15:06

Yes, we cancelled cable.

Installed BT and then requested skybroadband via the BT line.

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FunkyGlassSlipupandyouredead · 24/10/2007 15:09

saggarmaker - thanks for the link. DH has found a bit on the CHAP authentication failure which indicates it is not just us!

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mesaloca · 24/10/2007 15:18

Ahh, sorry didn't realise your virgin BB was cable.

It is defo a password authentication problem then. Don't use Sky's 0870 number to call them use this one: 0800 0512595

FunkyGlassSlipupandyouredead · 24/10/2007 15:51

Thanks for that Richard. I'll wait and see when I get a call back from tier 3 support but definitely use the freephone number in future.

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