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how do I get rid of as my home page...and get my old one back....?

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dolally · 08/10/2007 16:07

think kids have done something - though they deny it...of course

OP posts:
harleyweendemon · 08/10/2007 16:08

click on tools, then options. you can change it back there

RustyBear · 08/10/2007 16:12

They may actually be innocent - we have this on one of the teacher's laptops at school it suddenly changed one day & nothing we can do will get rid of it.

What should work is if you go to the page you want as your homepage & click on Tools on the menu bar at the top. Choose Internet options from the drop down menu & click on the general tab. Under the box showing your home page are 3 buttons - click 'Use current' & click OK.

This works on my colleague's laptop until he re starts IE - then it reverts to MSN - but try it, you might be luckier...

dolally · 08/10/2007 16:16


I think I've done it.

OP posts:
UlySCREAMS · 08/10/2007 16:18

this has happened to me before withoug anyone fiddling so they could be innocent.
Glad it's fixed as it's annoying.

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