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Can anyone recommend a good digital camera?

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hattiejacques · 27/09/2007 18:48

Help! I'm useless with this kind of thing despite reading countless reviews and am more confused than ever. Want a good digital camera for family snaps etc. for about £150.

OP posts:
goingfor3 · 27/09/2007 18:50

I have a Samsung camera which I bought from Argos. It's very good and was a good price too.

suzycreamcheese · 27/09/2007 18:56

what do you need it to do?
check it has pc connections you will need...

in general i'd look at nikon or canon first soemthing small enough to make sure you take it with you...

hattiejacques · 27/09/2007 18:59

I want it to take good quality pictures and have red eye reduction and an anti blur setting (I know it's called something technical) Has anyone got the ixus 70 or 75?

OP posts:
NurseyJo · 27/09/2007 19:02

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

hattiejacques · 27/09/2007 19:34

Sounds good. I hadn't thought about the battery side of it. Are they all relatively easy to transfer onto the pc?

OP posts:
goingfor3 · 28/09/2007 07:54

Use rechargable aa battries, it's £20 for a charger and four sony battries on play and they last must longer than normal aa batteries and much cheaper to replace that different types of rechargable battries.

suzycreamcheese · 28/09/2007 10:29

my canon came with its own rechargeable battery and charger..worth looking into this sort of thing as they are battery hungry...

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