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How do I wipe the internet history on my laptop?

12 replies

puddle · 26/09/2007 12:16

Please? Anyone know?

OP posts:
tissy · 26/09/2007 12:18

if it's a pc, go to tools, internet options and then under history there will be a button to clear history

puddle · 26/09/2007 12:20

Cool - thanks Tissy.

OP posts:
lucykate · 26/09/2007 12:26

even if you delete the history, it is still listed somewhere if you have cookies enabled. if you want a complete clean slate, there should be an option somewhere to reset your internet browser, maybe in preferences?, that deletes everything.

Lorayn · 26/09/2007 12:29

what browser do you use??
normally just hitting ctrl+shift+delete will bring up a little screen, tick the boxes you want and hit okay, it will delete cookies too.
Be careful if you have passwords saved on it though, it can delete them so watch what you select.

CapnBirdseye · 26/09/2007 12:33

Flamesparrow · 26/09/2007 12:35

Anyone else wondering what needs deleting?

themoon66 · 26/09/2007 12:36

File... click work off line

Tools... click internet options

Then.. under the heading of Temporary internet files there are two buttons... delete temporary internet files and delete cookies.

Hit both those buttons.

Then clear history.

I do this every day on my work computer before I leave.

themoon66 · 26/09/2007 12:37

then click OK at the end.... not just close.

Lorayn · 26/09/2007 12:40

ha, yes flamesparrow, I'm hoping it's something innocent like a present for dh, but who knows

Lorayn · 26/09/2007 12:42

themoon66, I dont have those options, maybe it's my browser?

themoon66 · 26/09/2007 12:49

OK... try Tools.. then scroll down to internet options and click on settings. Click Settings and then View Files. Then you can see the whole long list, which can be highlighted by left clicking and dragging the cursor over it all. Then right click and chose delete.

Or just highlight the sites you want to lose and delete them.

Lorayn · 26/09/2007 12:52

lol, I dont have internet options, i think I'll stick with the shift+control+delete for now!

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