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problems with email accounts

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j20baby · 14/09/2007 22:36

both my yahoo and karoo accounts don't seem to be receiving or sending mail today even though sent is in sent box.

any idea's why or how i sort it out?

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j20baby · 15/09/2007 09:51


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TheHerdNerd · 15/09/2007 10:11

Those systems will be managed by yahoo and karoo - nothing you've done could have caused it, and nothing you can do will fix it. :-\

Contact their support people if it doesn't sort itself out in a while.

j20baby · 15/09/2007 10:16

its just weired its both of them. thanks will give it a few more hours

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elasticbandstand · 15/09/2007 10:38

either of them in outlook express, click on the send/receive button to see.

j20baby · 15/09/2007 20:27

thanks elastic, i have tried that and it still isn't giving me any messages, i'd think that nobody liked me, but i'm not even getting junk mail!

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nannynick · 15/09/2007 20:30

Have you tried logging in to your account via a web browser? Perhaps they are wanting you to reconfirm your password.

Try logging in to webmail via a webbrowser - such as
Then try sending using your pop3 client (Outlook Express, Thunderbird etc), WITHOUT closing your internet connection.

j20baby · 15/09/2007 20:35

have done that with my yahoo account and i'm getting a few through but other people don't seem to be getting mine.

don't know how to do it with my karoo account, its in outlook express.

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nannynick · 15/09/2007 20:45

On the (assuming you are using that), there is a box near top right, to access webmail. Karoo status reports all look ok, so no server faults being reported by Karoo.

Try sending an e-mail to yourself, it should be sent via Outlook Express using SMTP and received by Outlook Express using POP3. It should not take very long.
Also try sending a message from Yahoo (using Webmail) to your Karoo account. That may take a while, but will confirm that Karoo is picking up external e-mail.

If you have a JUNK or SPAM folder, check it's contents, should any messages have been incorrectly filtered.

j20baby · 15/09/2007 21:03

thank you for your help, i seem to be getting them from myself, maybe its just quiet lately

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SaintGeorge · 15/09/2007 21:08

Both my Yahoo and Karoo are working fine, although Karoo was slow yesterday.

j20baby · 15/09/2007 21:13

cheers SG

hope you are well.

can i bring your attention to the Hull meet up thread please

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SaintGeorge · 15/09/2007 21:37

I never look at the meet-up topic. Will wander over there now

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