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Policing children on the internet

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ggglimpopo · 03/09/2007 09:09

I have had enough of constantly worrying about what is turning up on the kids computer - an the main culprit is msn.

I know how to set google onto high filter, but I am looking for a generic free download security job thing that I can put on the computer and stop the children accessing shite - oh, and following a moroccan lurver looking to marrying dd2 and a sleezy someone in Lille, I would like to ban msn from there computer altogether. HGow do I do this?

Many thanks

Herr Policeman Plodd - soon to be most unpopular mere in France.

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ggglimpopo · 03/09/2007 09:10

Ha! at "there" computer. I is illiterate.

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ggglimpopo · 03/09/2007 14:44


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Earlybird · 03/09/2007 14:57

No idea, but bumping for you in hopes that someone can help.

snorkle · 03/09/2007 16:48

There are quite a few parental control things about. DS found and installed one called K9 which seems easy enough & does a good job I think.

ggglimpopo · 04/09/2007 17:02

Thank you Snorkle. Am currently on kids computer and installing as we speak.....

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