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Can I bounce back an email to give impression I didn't receive it?

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hex · 30/08/2007 07:43

Is it possible to do this once having received and read it?

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fawkeoff · 30/08/2007 07:46

is there no way you can say it went into spam folder???

Finbar · 30/08/2007 07:50

How about:
mark it as unread?
Send it on to a friends email.
Get them to send it back to you - but in the meantime set up a filter to return it to the the original sender ( not sure how to do that last bit - perhaps a Junk email filter?)

oh no just thought - it would have the friend's email address on it...sorry

hex · 30/08/2007 08:01

I don't even want to communicate with the sender so can't use spam as an excuse

OP posts:
fawkeoff · 30/08/2007 08:07

well can u not just block the address to stop you recieving anymore???

scienceteacher · 30/08/2007 08:10

You can download a program called Mailwasher. It can look at your mailserver and let you delete or bounce anything you don't like. If it bounces, it makes it look like your address doesn't exist. It also keeps track of blacklisted senders so that you don't have to look through them all every time.

You can preview the message too - so can read before bouncing.

hex · 30/08/2007 13:39 I just google mailwasher?

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scienceteacher · 30/08/2007 13:46

hex · 31/08/2007 18:26


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mammamic · 03/09/2007 10:59

the sender would not know whether you recieved and read it unless they had opted for notification of this. if that is the case, you would be asked, when you opened it to read it, whether a notification should be sent to sender confirmind you've read it.

I always choose no.

the only thing they could track is that it actually arrived on your email server but again, they would have had to opt for notification of delivery of message.

hope this helps

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