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computer turning off by itself

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bambi06 · 15/08/2007 11:19

my computer wont open till about third or fourth time..then it will turn itself off and then turn itself back on ..sometimes.. then it says its recovered froma serious error..what can i do..i`ve run a virus and adware check ..several times but is still happenin..any advice...thanks

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Niecie · 15/08/2007 13:44

I apologise if this is really obvious and something you have already done but have you checked all the cables are properly pushed in? We have an old laptop which does this and it is usually because the cables are wobbly. Failing to boot up properly or being switched off at the mains would lead to a serious error message.

Just a thought.

HappyDaddy · 15/08/2007 13:46

Cables could be loose, definately. Do you get a blue screen with white text and an error? What happens before it shuts down?

It's very unlikely to be a virus if you have an upto date virus scanner.

bambi06 · 15/08/2007 16:41

it usually comes up in a box about the error. white box with black writing and it says click here to see technicle report on error. it just shuts without warning and i get a blank screen on the monitor then it will reboot itself and do a check on file fat32 automatically saying it needs to check disc...any ideas?

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Earlybird · 15/08/2007 17:03

I'm no technology wizard (huge understatement), but mine does this sometimes. I'm told the computer shuts itself off to prevent damage when it is in danger of overheating. It helps to buy one of those cans of 'air' (available at Rymans and lots of other office supply places) and use it to blow dust from the keyboard and fans on the underside of the computer.

Mine is a laptop, btw. Is yours?

Desiderata · 15/08/2007 17:06

I don't know whether it's a laptop (in which case it might be over-heating). If you generally use the mains, take the batteries out.

The problem you describe happened to my laptop four months ago. It was a hard-drive failure. Fortunately I've got a techy friend who replaced it for £70.

If you don't have any techy mates, it might not be worth pursuing ... depending on the age of your machine, of course.

bambi06 · 15/08/2007 18:02

its not a lap top and about 3-4 years old..i`ll try cleaning ut the fans to see if that will help..

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bambi06 · 16/08/2007 09:18

ive hoovered out the fan and although dusty its not had any effect plus checked all wires but this morning it took about 6 attempts at starting up!!!its getting worse and i`m scared its going to crash...

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bambi06 · 17/08/2007 09:48


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Lucyand2 · 17/08/2007 09:51

This happened to my PC because of its power supply. My Dp had put a couple of new bits in and the power supply unit wasn't up to it so it kept turning off at random.
If you're into that kind of thing they can be quite easy to replace, you just need to make sure you get a more powerful unit to replace the old one with.
Unfortunately PC's turn themselves off for all kinds of stupid reasons so it may be something different. Have you run scandisk to check your hard disk for errors?

Lorayn · 17/08/2007 09:53

have you ran something like sysmech to check it out for all problems???
I have had lots of problems with my computer and standard virus searches hadn't found anything, it was constantly crashing and generally driving me mad!!!
I have the demo version on a .rar document if you want to try it, it fixed mine and I never needed to actually purchase it, am now running norton again and everything is fine.
Also you may just have too much stored on it, sysmech removes all unwanted/needed temp files etc.
It may not help but surely is worth a go??

Lucyand2 · 17/08/2007 09:57

Oh, also meant to say back up your important stuff if you can! I lost years of photos because I never bothered and it was very upsetting. I just back my files up to rewritable disks when I remember!

bambi06 · 17/08/2007 11:37

lorayn..can i get sysmech online for free then?

OP posts:
Lorayn · 17/08/2007 12:53

I don't know where you'd find it, someone sent me the demo version, if you go here I have uploaded it, download it and run the full pc totalcare, it takes a couple of hours, and will slow down your pc slightly, but just leave it and hopefully it should fix any errors. It lasts for thirty days, and if you like it it gives you the opportunity to buy the programme but tbh, you probably won't need it.

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