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Email address for dd - how to protect it?

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MrsMarvel · 23/07/2007 16:24

I am just about to set a filter which doesn't allow any emails in other than those identified. This is a lot of work as I have to create a filter for all her friends addresses.

Is there any way round it?

Can you set up a filter which just returns any emails that are NOT in the address book?

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MrsBadger · 23/07/2007 16:25

what program are you using?

MrsMarvel · 24/07/2007 10:24

Outlook express for reading them and tiscali for the server.

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whomovedmychocolate · 24/07/2007 12:45

Yes, you need a white list service. Instructions here for OE and if you don't fancy that there are software plug ins which do the same.

Here is a list of spam filters - you want one that uses a white list.

chopster · 24/07/2007 12:56

if you use hotmail you can set it to junk everything apart from those in contacts list. Dp does that.

MrsMarvel · 24/07/2007 18:54

Fantastically helpful.
I'll work on it tonight.
Thanks everyone.

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