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Bluetooth experts show off here........

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nightowl · 29/06/2007 17:24

and help me out please!

bluetooth dongle has always been a bit strange. after installing the software for it, every time i switch on the pc it tells me its found new hardware and asks me to install the software for it again. (have done several times).

its played up before but usually uninstalling and reinstalling works and it did work 90% of the time, despite keep telling me there was a problem and asking me to install.

now it wont work at all and im stumped. have reinstalled, changed usb ports, checked my new phone (new phone works with my old phone). phone bluetooth is on, security off, visability on, pictures visible to bluetooth. pc knows it has a dongle attached but keeps saying bluetooth not ready, and cant find either of my phones.

so i also have samsung pc suite thing, all installed and ready to go via usb cable. guess what? its not working either. it tells you to connect the cable saying it may take a few minutes and then nothing happens apart from egg timer.

i have all these lovely pictures of the kids stuck in my (now full) phone memory.

OP posts:
whomovedmychocolate · 01/07/2007 22:29

Did you have a windoze update overnight by chance? Do a system restore and roll back 48 hours, this will probably fix it. Buggered if I know why but I've heard of Windows doing this a lot recently.

Better still GET A MAC!

TwoToTango · 22/08/2007 21:19

Could someone explain pleeeeeeese how bluetooth is supposed to work. I have installed the software, when I plug in the USB cable the PC acknowledges the phone. All I want is to put some music on my phone or download a decent ring tone but I can't seem to get a bluetooth connection. Have looked in the user guide but think I need an idiot proof guide (my first bluetooth phone)

TwoToTango · 22/08/2007 22:07

desperate bump!!

harleyd · 22/08/2007 22:13

if your are using usb cable you dont need bluetooth, just transfer via the cable.
does your pc have bluetooth?

TwoToTango · 22/08/2007 22:20

How do I know if my PC has bluetooth?
I have tried connecting the USB cable from the PC to the phone - the PC recognised the phone was there - it let me open my contacts and I could see them on the screen but I was trying to copy some music but it wouldn't let me.
Do you know how I can download music/ringtones. Sorry but I am a complete bluetooth novice

Nightynight · 22/08/2007 22:56

windows explorer
right click on Workplace
choose properties
Hardware tab
Device Manager button.

that should show it? mine doesnt have BT so I cant check

also look for a switch on the side of your computer to turn it on, and a B symbol or light.

harleyd · 22/08/2007 23:00

if you connect with usb cable you just transfer as if you are transfering to mp3 player, say through windows media player for example

TwoToTango · 23/08/2007 13:28

Thanks both - I tried that harleyd but I got a message saying operation could not be carried out - the music was .wma and the manual said the phone should play that?

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