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DD has done something to my screen and it's driving me mad

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Hayls · 15/06/2007 21:56

Ddw as messing about on PC earlier and has made everything very weird. There's a black outline round the whole screen and everything is supersize. Icons on desktop seem to be normal size but the task bar has shrunk because everything is so big- when I log off the sign on icons are huuuge. ON this page the text box takes up the whole screen whereas normally I can see everything. I've been trying to fox for ages to no avail, any help would be gratefully received!

OP posts:
nuttygirl · 15/06/2007 22:21

She's changed the resolutions, to change back right click on the desktop, go to properties and go to settings tab. You can change it in there prob to 1024x768

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