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Computer Virus Question

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stoppinattwo · 29/05/2007 06:26

I recently updated my Antivirus software............Had Macafee but have changes to AVG..............Unloaded Macafee and loaded AVG

Now various other AV packages keep hassling me saying that they have detected viruses on my computer and that i should download their software immediately (at a cost) to deal with it...........However just to check I got AVG to scan my computer and it founf nothing. WTF do i do?????

My computer is wroking fine btw, and there is no indication other than these stupid messages. But now I am paranoid that there is something wrong with it.

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stoppinattwo · 29/05/2007 09:04

oh please can someone give me clue...............................tis getting on my nerves now!!!

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littlelapin · 29/05/2007 09:05

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Speccy · 29/05/2007 09:07

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

stoppinattwo · 29/05/2007 09:14

the site that keeps coming up is keeps telling me security alert............but its not actually telling me that i have a virus on my sure its trying to con me into buying AV software.

I run AVG which has been recommended by a number of people and that comes up as ok. and that no viruses have been detected

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southeastastra · 29/05/2007 09:15

i run spybot search and destroy and adaware (both free downloads) as well as avg, if you run these they'll pick up and clean anything dodgy.

littlelapin · 29/05/2007 09:19

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MunnziesDH · 29/05/2007 09:46

First of all there is nothing wrong with AVG. I have been using it for years and have never had any problems with it so when your Norton expires Speccy, (which is actually quite rubbish btw) AVG will be a better replacement anyway.

Secondly the window which keeps appearing is a pop up, which maybe triggered by spyware on your machine, but which may just be part of an aggressive advertising campaign of certain websites you are visiting.

What websites are you on at the time of the message appearing? If it is happening at a random time and you can't connect it to a website then download a spyware scanner (there are loads out there for free, I would recommend AVG Spyware edition)

If you still get the pop-up after you have done a spyware scan then it is just an annoying pop-up from the web so a pop-up blocker is required. Again there are may freebies available on the web but I would recommend a change of internet browser. Go to and download Firefox 2. It has a pop up blocker built in and there are loads of extras available.

Long post I know but I thought I'd cover all the bases. Post back how you get on.

MunnziesDH · 29/05/2007 09:54

BTW, if you do actually have Spylocked installed on your machine then Adaware will NOT be able to remove it. It is embedded into Windows and is always running so Ad aware can't remove it.

However I know ways to get rid of it. But don't panic, it may just be trying to get up to install it.

And it is not a trojan, it is a way for unscrupulous types to make money by selling you software to remove something which they have created to infect your computer.

littlelapin · 29/05/2007 10:05

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

stoppinattwo · 29/05/2007 13:01

oh i am not girl.................i need a geek to come and fix my machine

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stoppinattwo · 29/05/2007 13:01

hee that should say Oh im not a happy girl

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MunnziesDH · 29/05/2007 15:25

If you want some help email me at munnzie at

stoppinattwo · 29/05/2007 17:25

fanks munnzie............4 hours and £24 lighter and im finally sorted

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MunnziesDH · 30/05/2007 16:12

£24 ?!?!?!

I'm obviously in the wrong job. I've been fixing problems for people for free for ages....

UnquietDad · 30/05/2007 16:24

To be honest I got rid of Spybot as a geek of my acquaintance told me it put more dodginess in than it spotted.

I have AdAware, but rarely use it. I've got Big masseev feck-orf Norton Internet Security Big Bastard 6.0 Package, and it's heavy-handed but effective. Kills all known viruses.



stoppinattwo · 30/05/2007 20:35

bit like the Domestos of the computer world hey UD??

sorry munnzieDH..............just flapped a bit and bought some spywear thingy.

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