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One file to print four times on one A4 sheet? I'm sure it can be done

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NKF · 16/05/2007 23:06

Easy - or so I thought - birthday invitations. Typed it out. Will fit beautifully four times on an A4 sheet. Only I can't make it fit like that. It's a word document and I work on a pc using Microsoft XP. Can anyone help?

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NKF · 16/05/2007 23:11


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winestein · 16/05/2007 23:11

I know there are ways and means to do this far more elegant than this, but I would just insert a table with 2 columns and two lines and cut and paste the invites, suitably scaled into that.

Tigana · 16/05/2007 23:14

If it's any help I remember being able to do this once was somewhere in either page setup or printing options...but I really needed it the other day and couldn't find it.

hattie2 · 16/05/2007 23:16

You can copy the invite 4 times so it's the same on 4 pages and then in Print, properties select to print 4 pages per sheet

shonaspurtle · 16/05/2007 23:16

I don't have a printer at home so can't test this for you, but if you go to Print you'll see in the dialogue box an option for "pages per sheet". Have a go at copying your invitation so that it's 4 pages long and then selecting 4 pages per sheet.

shonaspurtle · 16/05/2007 23:16

Yeah, wot hattie said

RoundTheBend · 16/05/2007 23:17

I have just experimented. A very simple way is to type what you want to say, do Crtl X to "cut" it, then create a table with two columns and two lines, do Ctrl V to paste it in each line of the table. There you have 4 times what you want. Next, space it out by hitting the return button. When you are happy with the layout, highlight both columns, then click on the gridlines toolbar which maybe on your toolbar on the top and click on the "remove" gridlines box. That should work. Good luck!

NKF · 16/05/2007 23:21

Thank you everyone. Table method worked perfectly. Job done.

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