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camera do i get a good picture of...

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nightowl · 10/05/2007 18:08

a ring, for ebay purposes. have tried several different cameras and it dazzles them or is completely blurred. so what should i be doing?

OP posts:
luciemule · 10/05/2007 22:51

I'm sure you're supposed to lay it against a dark, velvet background for it to be efective. I'm sure that's what an auction house told my mum for a necklace they put online.

southeastastra · 10/05/2007 22:52

how many pixels on your camera?

nightowl · 10/05/2007 22:55

i have no idea southeastastra! like i say, i've tried a few cameras and all the same. not a very techy minded person though.

OP posts:
Niddlynono · 10/05/2007 22:56

Turn the camera flash off and photograph it in a bright room. Go in as close as you can while it still being in focus and if you have a photo editing programme on your computer you can crop it.
Good luck.

MrShev · 11/05/2007 12:25

What camera do you have, nightowl?

Just asking cause I sell a lot of stuff on ebay and generally I put things on a neutral background, no flash and a whole load of light. If you have a macro setting on your camera it is a good idea to switch that baby on.

overtheedge · 12/05/2007 21:37

nightowl use your camera as normal with the flash on but put a handkerchief or tissue over the flash to knock the power down ...Give it a a go anyway its what i used to do when i was into photography in a big way

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