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How do I download a 'font'? (preferably for free)

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Katymac · 11/04/2007 17:40

I need Kirsten ITC

I'm not very techy - please help?

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Katymac · 11/04/2007 17:52

Or is it Kristen?

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wurlywurly · 11/04/2007 17:55

try here

Califrau · 11/04/2007 17:56

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

harman · 11/04/2007 17:57

Message withdrawn

Katymac · 11/04/2007 20:11

I think I am doing it all wrong

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Katymac · 13/04/2007 21:41

Still not getting this - how am I supposed to do it?

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AuntyQuated · 13/04/2007 21:47

i thought kristen iytc was a atadard word one.

but try here
it doesn't actually have kristen itc but the instructions for any downlaodable fonts are exceelent

Katymac · 13/04/2007 21:50

It was on m old puter - but not on my new one

I still have my old puter's hard drive - but I can't find the font anywhere (of course I will be looking in the wrong place)

But I use it in all my business stationary & I really need it

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AuntyQuated · 13/04/2007 22:05

i am not very technical but could domeone send it to you????

Katymac · 13/04/2007 22:06

Yes please - but I don't know how

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AuntyQuated · 13/04/2007 22:10

email me
auntyquated at yahoo dot co dot uk

and i can try

Katymac · 13/04/2007 22:12

I did.......

Thanks for trying

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AlienEars · 13/04/2007 22:16

On my computer the font is in a file named ITCKRIST.TTF, which is in a folder named fonts, which is inside the windows folder. If you try searching for this on your old hard drive you can then copy it over to the new computer?

If it doesn't work I think there is something you can do to embed fonts within the document, so you might be able to move them across this way?

I have got the font on my computer - email me at alienears @ hotmail. co. uk if you'd like me to send it.

AuntyQuated · 13/04/2007 22:19

don't think it works

MerlinsBeard · 13/04/2007 22:21

that site is FAB!(the dafont one) and so easy to use! There is a help section at the top.

Katymac · 13/04/2007 22:23

I tried emailing you alienears - but it bounces

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AlienEars · 13/04/2007 22:24

The embedding thing - I think you would have to:

  • Open up an existing Word document where the font has been used
  • Go to Tools, then Options, then the Save tab
  • Click to say you want to Embed True Type fonts (and remove the tick so say not to bother with the standard ones)
  • Click OK
  • Save the document again
  • Transfer the document to the new system
  • Open it and see if the font has survived the journey!
AlienEars · 13/04/2007 22:27

Oops - I'd been deactivated! Try again now!

Katymac · 13/04/2007 22:28

I haven't got another computer to save them on in their original format (I think that's what you meant)

The Da site doesn't have Kristen

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Katymac · 13/04/2007 22:33

Thanks for trying might have worked

OP posts:
AlienEars · 13/04/2007 22:41

I've emailed you

Katymac · 13/04/2007 22:46

I copied it to that folder - but it isn't there in word (iyswim)

Thanks for trying

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AlienEars · 13/04/2007 22:51

I'll keep thinking then!

I wonder if it will make any difference when the computer has been switched off and on again? (Usual standby solution for all things, I know)!

Katymac · 13/04/2007 22:52

I thought of that

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Katymac · 13/04/2007 22:53

I'm off to bed - thanks for trying - I'll ask again tomorrow (& see if you have found a solution)

I don't want to pay $24 for it.....stingy aren't I?

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