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Dreamweaver help!

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Hattiecat · 29/03/2007 18:20

Hi i played with dreamweaver a bit a few years ago and have just started using it again, and am having a senior moment cos just can't remember how to upload/publish the site that i've been playing with...can anyone help? thanks

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Molesworth · 29/03/2007 18:27

I don't use Dreamweaver any more (and when I did I used a separate FTP program) so I'm probably not going to be much help, but I do know you'll have to enter your webserver FTP settings. Seem to remember the Publish facility being in the File menu.

Not much help was it LOL!

Hope someone with a better knowledge of DW will be along soon.

You could download SmartFTP and do it that way?

Hattiecat · 29/03/2007 18:44

i also thought it would be in the file menu but am blowed if can find it!!!! i think i remember something about a site window...

am frustrated how little i remember and with 16mo how little time there is to remember what i don't remember!!!

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Hattiecat · 29/03/2007 20:22

bump - anyone?

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Molesworth · 29/03/2007 22:03

try this link

Hattiecat · 30/03/2007 11:54

thanks for that - i think that may hit the nail on the head - cheers!

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Sugre · 09/04/2007 11:01

had the same prob myself, this info fixed it, thanks. ;)

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