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Nintendo DS Lite

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powder28 · 28/03/2007 22:01

Ive just bought one. Any good game recommendations?

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princesscc · 28/03/2007 22:08

Brain Train is addictive! Love the Mario Bros game too. Lots of little games you can play on it along with the main platform game. Animal Crossing is like Simms and Nintendogs is bloody annoying, as you have to train the damn dog to sit by shouting 'sit' into the mic.!

OrvilleRedenbacher · 28/03/2007 22:09

all mario

dsses haev al of em
wlel super mario bros
mario carts
sruper mario
a dn princess peach ( borrwed fom niece)

OrvilleRedenbacher · 28/03/2007 22:09

not nintednogs

popsycal · 28/03/2007 22:10

super mario bros
princess peach
yoshi;s island

CanAiry · 28/03/2007 22:10

Message deleted

saffy202 · 28/03/2007 22:16

Phoenix Wright - you play an attorney and collect evidence and battle it out in court.

powder28 · 28/03/2007 22:19

I bought the ace attourney one but it is getting on my nerves with all the bloody dialogue!

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