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Help! Virus

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MamazonAKAfatty · 06/03/2007 21:45

I have Anti virus and it has found an infected file, but it can't deal with it.
it is not allowing me to use anyhting with windows or MSN.

the anti virus says its called

i have no idea what to do but it is driving me insane, i cant check my emails or anything. im not very technically able and i certainly can't afford a pc repair man and the pc is too old to be covered by any warranties (its almost 5)

Anyone know anything i can do? or married to some fab computer nerd type who knows some magic thing i can do to fix it, i really would love you forever

OP posts:
zippitippitoes · 06/03/2007 21:54

i don't know have you looked on symantec for instructions or a forum like geeks to go or whatever it's called

clerkKent · 08/03/2007 12:43

If you know any nerds, get them to look at

Tom Coyote and follow the instructions. It helped me to get rid of a nasty virus recently.

zephyrcat · 08/03/2007 12:44

McAffee Avert Stinger is a very good, free, small download and can deal with loads of new trojans, worms and viruses...

mummylin2495 · 08/03/2007 13:23

if you can get on the symantic web page they have a lot of virus cure download tools,maybe they have one for the virus you have

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