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powerpoint query - can't view it how i want to..

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tigi · 06/03/2007 20:12

Hi, I have created a powerpoint presentation document which i want to send out as an email, so that the pages just open without needing a click..
i have got it sorted perfectly on powerpoint, and went to file, send as an attachment. But when i open it, it opens up the powerpoint programme to view it, which i dont want it to do, I just want to see it all open up on screen.
Can I do this? thank you!

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gobshite · 06/03/2007 20:17

have you tried saving it as a slide show, so it's a name.pps file, rather than a name.ppt file?

And is that what you want? If so, I think it's under "save as" in the file menu

Or do you want it to be one of those self-extracting email attachments?

Thinkstoomuch · 06/03/2007 20:20

Yeh I think that's what you need.
On the File menu, click Save As.
In the Save as type box, select PowerPoint show (.pps).
In the File name box, enter a file name, and then click Save.

tigi · 06/03/2007 20:33

oh thank you , I'll have a go now! Sorry, I nipped off to read other threads and forgot about my own!

OP posts:
tigi · 06/03/2007 20:37

Thank you so much! It worked - I am so pleased!

OP posts:
Thinkstoomuch · 06/03/2007 20:40


dizzymummy · 06/03/2007 20:50

Hi, when you save your presentation in Powerpoint, choose Powerpoint Show from the Save As Type dropdown list on the Save As dialogue box. This should do it for you


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