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A website it telling me to click on the yellow bar at the top of my screen..........

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fannyannie · 01/03/2007 13:11

but I can't see the darn thing - and I can't play the games until I've clicked on it.....anyone know how to make it appear???

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fannyannie · 01/03/2007 13:20

anyone know what I@m talking about???

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MeMyselfI · 01/03/2007 13:23

Is it maybe one of those things where you can only see the bar to click on if you have the right software to play the games?

fannyannie · 01/03/2007 13:25

I need to click on it to download the software??? I've had this problem before (yellow bar not showing when it "should" do - and have no idea how to resolve it )

OP posts:
Tech · 01/03/2007 16:34

Hello fannyannie,

The yellow bar is something internet explorer does when you need a "plug-in" to run the games (usually adobe flash).

If it's not appearing, but you can't play the games, you may already have the plug-in but have it disabled. I've seen this happen on a few computers when they upgraded to Internet Explorer 7 - IE disabled the flash player for some reason.

If you have IE7 and want to check whether that's the issue, from the menu try doing Tools, Manage Add-Ons, Enable or Disable Add-Ons.

A window should pop up showing the add-ons you have installed, and whether they are enabled or disabled. The flash one is "Shockwave Flash Object". If it's disabled, you could try enabling it.

Remember though, it can be risky messing with your computer's settings. If you are not sure what you are doing, get someone who knows what they mean to do it.


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