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Calling all Pompey parents

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chilledmama · 25/06/2010 22:00

We are currently posted in USA...I know how lucky I am , I promise.
The healthcare system is a bit more complicated out here and while I am in UK for a week I want to get the kids check by know, weight, height etc and just to check into system.
Anyway...Does anyone have a current list of where when the drop-in clinics are as I can't find them on-line and I don't really want to phone the doctors surgery from DC?
Thank you for your help.


OP posts:
luciemule · 25/06/2010 22:23

what area will you be staying in the UK chilledmama?

chilledmama · 25/06/2010 22:29

pompey...portsmouth area

OP posts:
luciemule · 25/06/2010 22:43

ah I see.
this any help or not right area?

LongtimeinBrussels · 25/06/2010 22:44

chilledmama, I originally come from Pompey but live in Brussels. When ds1 got an abscess on his tonsil we were sent to the emergency surgery which for that day was here. I'm not sure if they do a drop-in clinic or not but there's a contact link so maybe you could contact them and see? I'm sure they'll point you in the right direction if not.

Trojan1970 · 26/06/2010 17:00

Chilledmama, try ringing the East Children and Family Team who are based at St James's on 02392 728100.

My last list of Drop In clinics is 3 years old but reads as follows:
Monday: Lake Road Health Centre 2-3.30
Northern Parade Clinic 2-4
Tuesday: Northern Parade CLinic 5-7
Eastney Health Centre 9.30-11.30
Wednesday: Healthy Living Centre 2-4
Thursday: George St Clinic 10-12
Eastney HC 2-4
Friday: Lake Road 10-1130
Cosham HC 9.30-11.30
Healthy Living Centre 9.30-11.30

Hope this helps

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