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I have come to the conclusion that DE make the rules as up as they go along

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Saltire · 15/06/2010 15:01

With regards to allocating MQs.
On our street there is a Flt Sgt, with 25 years service, just been moved into a 3 bed house with his wife, 4 children.

On the same street, a Sgt nd his wife, no children in a 4 bed.
A MPGS staff sgt and his wife, no children in a 4 bed.
a cpl with 3 children in a 3 bed.

Then elsewhere there is a Sgt and her Cpl DH in a 4 bed officers house
2 Sgts whose 2 teenagers are a boarding school in a 4 bed officers house
a WO with no wife and no children in a 4 bed officers house.

It just doesn't make sense. Anyone who knows how us "Other ranks" houses work will know that when they say 3 bed they actually mean 2 and a boxroom

OP posts:
luciemule · 16/06/2010 22:51

all soudns very random.

flossie64 · 17/06/2010 10:11

Some people do choose to take a smaller alocation ,to save costs etc. No idea why the bigger houses for less people though. We were offered a smaller house than DH entitlement once ,but would have taken it as it was in a good area and was fine for us.

luciemule · 17/06/2010 10:29

the thing about accepting smaller quarters than your allocation is that potentially you could be asked to move out if they're short of quarters for that lower rank.
In the past, we've had a smaller and a bigger than entitlement house - great for saving money; not good on space!

I think some posts are tied to a house - some officers' houses are anyway and I guess other ranks may be the same.

Drusilla · 18/06/2010 07:08

They will put people in bigger than entitlement house if that is all there is at the time that family applied though. Big crackdown on hirings. Also, RAF WOs are entitled to a Type D (4 bed) regardless of ffamily size

MrsSnaplegs · 18/06/2010 07:23

We are currently waiting for our allocation from DE, have a statement in from medical and welfare for a specific area and type of 1/4 for medical reasons - the original offer made to us - they didn't even read the file (admitted to me on phone!) Currently having to leave family at old posting and live in mess during week indefinately as they can't make us an offer - very frustrating whilst pregnant, hubby stuck on his own at home with DD, can't apply for schools etc
found an empty 1/4 in right area and right size but they still won't give us an answer as to whether we can have it! Not really on topic sorry but may explain why some get different size 1/4s

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