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"My daddy is going away"

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poshtottie · 27/02/2010 18:13

You may have heared about this book already but thought I would share. Its written by a soldier called Christopher Mcgregor.

Have ordered one to read to ds. Some of the profits go to charities.

Will also post in childrens' books as it is for anyone who father works away for long periods.

OP posts:
luciemule · 28/02/2010 08:38

what ages does it cover Psoh? For very little one's?

poshtottie · 28/02/2010 08:45

Looking at the cover it does seem to be aimed at younger children. HERE

I could have done with it a few weeks ago as dh has now gone for 4 months. Ds is only 3 and has taken it really hard this time.

OP posts:
poshtottie · 28/02/2010 08:48

Try again HERE

OP posts:
hf128219 · 28/02/2010 13:27

There's this too

luciemule · 28/02/2010 14:18

That's useful (My Daddy is a Soldier). Might get that for mine as I did think the other one was mainly for younger children.

poshtottie · 06/03/2010 21:22

Well we got our copy yesterday and ds is loving this book. It has lovely illustrations and it would be suitable for a child who could read to themselves.

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Chulita · 08/03/2010 11:38

Freaking pregnancy hormones...bawling my eyes out at 'My daddy is going away' and DH is on a course so he's not going away anytime soon.
Good idea though, don't know if I could read it without crying even when not pg

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