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MQ in Canterbury

7 replies

Bumblecrispy · 14/01/2010 23:46

Does anyone know what MQ are like in Canterbury? Can't find any info on them at all, the Hive pack had less in it than I found online!

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SqueezyIsStartinAResolution · 15/01/2010 21:03


Drusilla · 17/01/2010 17:20

Would that be Invicta Park?

shushpenfold · 17/01/2010 17:26

No idea what the MQ's are like, but C/bury is lovely and ST Martin;s hill has a nasty speedcamera so don't get 'done'!!!

Bumblecrispy · 17/01/2010 23:57

Thanks for the tip about the speed cam shushpenfold, have heard its a lovely place to be posted, looking forward to it.
Drusilla,No idea what the MQ estate is called,posted to Howe Barracks, but can't find out a thing!!

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shushpenfold · 18/01/2010 08:06

The barracks are at the top of the hill - lovely views I expect and you're about 10 minute walk to the centre (going downhill!) Busy road but nice residential area - near to several secondary/grammar schools although can;t remember where the primary schools are so useless there - sorry!Canterbury centre is so compact you're pretty close to most of everything! Fab shopping, fab bus links, awful traffic. I was brought up there and still miss it (even though in a very nice part of Surrey now)

shushpenfold · 18/01/2010 08:08

Oh and the best Mexican Restaurant EVER - Cafe des Amis, at the westgate towers. Well worth a visit.

FanjolinaJolie · 17/03/2010 19:37

We are posted in Canterbury just now.

They have very recently just started up a Hive here in February, there wasn't one prior to this. So if you were to contact the welfare office you would be able to get some information.

Quarters are modern and the estate looks quite smart IMO.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have if I can.

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