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Getting a quarter somewhere other than where DH will be based??

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didsnbump · 08/07/2009 20:28

We have just found out that there is such thing a a misappropriated service families accommodation. This is where u are able to get a quarter where u would like in england other than where the soilder is stationed.
Has anyone else heard of this or experienced this.
I feel we have the right grounds to ask for it but dont know for sure what they class as a good reason??

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Drusilla · 08/07/2009 23:05

Do you mean Surplus SFA? There is something here JSP464. I gather if you are otherwise eligible for a quarter you can apply for a surplus quarter (i.e. one not in use at the moment) but there is no guarantee you will get one. They only have to have you at your duty station. Worth a go though!

Drusilla · 08/07/2009 23:06

That should say they only have to house you at your duty station

Sweetpeasmum · 08/07/2009 23:33

There are a number of reasons why the HIC would consider allocating a surplus quarter in a location other than the assignment location of the serving person. Drusilla has provided a link to the JSP and you should read Chap 10 as it gives all the details. The main warning I would give you is that if you do get allocated a surplus quarter they will have no qualms about asking you to move out if they want to allocate it to someone who is entitled to be housed in that area.

didsnbump · 09/07/2009 11:01

Ok thanks guys.

OP posts:
McDreamy · 09/07/2009 22:35

Think they are known as cuckoos! We had a letter just a few weeks ago about this saying that they are clamping down on it. Not sure why as as far as I can see it's better than an empty house.

Drusilla · 12/07/2009 17:25

Cuckoos are different - they are just staying on somewhere they are not supposed to be, hoping they won't get caught up with! If you are offered a surplus under JSP464 you are not classed as a cuckoo

McDreamy · 13/07/2009 16:37

Ah ok, I see!

MotherOfGirls · 20/07/2009 09:22

I think there used to be a good chance of getting a surplus quarter but now that so many houses have been sold off, it is next to impossible. The first step would be to contact the HIC dealing with the area where you want to live and check whether they have surplus quarters. If not, then it isn't worth even applying. As already stated, if you do get one and then they need it for someone working in the area, you will be evicted - and they won't pay for you to move if they paid for you to move there in the first place. Essentially, it is a big risk. We looked at it and decided the uncertainty of it all made it unattractive.

Sorry not to be more positive!

didsnbump · 22/07/2009 13:24

I dont know what other option we have as we cant afford for me to rent somewhere, and i really need to be closer to my family, for health reasons for when my second child arrives in feb.
At the momment we are in germany and im struggling lots, and did for 6 months after the birth of my first ds while dh was in afgan.
We are hoping to get back to england but we will be about 6 hours from my home town and dh will be away training at other stations for 12 months????

OP posts:
MotherOfGirls · 23/07/2009 08:20

I would contact your Welfare Officer or maybe SSAFA. If you have strong grounds for being near your family, something may be done. My response was based more on the reaction to people who just don't really want to live where their husband is posted and clearly your situation is different.

Do you have access to anyone who could help you? What service is your DH and which part of the UK do you need to be in?

didsnbump · 26/07/2009 21:05

Well my DH has not got his transfer which is a real disappointment as it now means we are stuck in germany for the next 16 months at least.
I really want to get back home to have the support of my family, but now we really dont know what to do. DH is gonna go in and speak to his OC but we have no idea as to wether he will help us or not.
If i go and speak to my doctor can he help at all??
If we can get to colchester its about an hour from home so would be perfect!!!

Motherofgirls, DH is in the army and i have to say welfare here are not that great...

OP posts:
MotherOfGirls · 28/07/2009 21:56

Sorry to hear welfare has not been much help to you, didsnbump. Your husband is doing the right thing talking to his OC. If you feel the situation is affecting your mental health, then your doctor may be able to help. Presumably it is a military doctor, as you're in Germany? Padre may also be helpful and maybe SSAFA.

Please let me know how you get on.

didsnbump · 29/07/2009 21:25

Well DH has put in for a position in Bordon. Its not close to home like i wanted but its a job for 2 years that wont send him away meaning i will have his support, and at least being in england we can go home or home can come to us.
I have to say i dont think DH is happy about doing the job and i worried he will hold it against me. But he hasnt got it yet so will have to wait and see!!!

Motherofgirls, i saw the doctor back in feb because of the way i was feeling. He was great and said with having had a baby, being unwell and having DH away for six months within a year i was bound to find it hard. He sent me to see a CPN but she basically said i wasnt depressed just not coping and that i needed to get my self out and find stuff to do and that was that!!

OP posts:
MotherOfGirls · 30/07/2009 04:24

Sounds like your GP is one of the good guys - shame about the CPN!

I hope you manage to get back to UK and that your DH is able to give you some support. I think it's often hard for them to understand how difficult it can be living away from family, with small children and a deployed partner. Do try to keep the lines of communication open so you can get through this together and not start to resent each other.

didsnbump · 30/07/2009 21:05

I cant believe how crap the CPN was, but i have spoke to others since that have experienced the same.
Its bad its like... oh well ur an army wife an ur not happy its just that ur not coping. She dint do anything that the doctor said she would. And i was soooo shocked when she said to me. I cant help get u back to england as u arent depressed. I was horrified that she thought i was only there for that. At the time all i wanted was to feel happy again.

Well DH seemed ok when we spoke tonight (away on excersise at the mo) i think he is tired so aint helping. Im sure once he see's our DS tomorrow and once we are on leave in the uk as of sunday he will realise what he is doing will make a big difference.

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