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Dh and I splitting up, help please....

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JammyK · 08/05/2009 16:12

Hi all. I don't normally come on here too often but I need some advice. Dh and I have decided to call it a day and he has moved back to the barracks on the base. I am still living in married quarters with my 2 sons. I have spoken to the Council in the area where I used to live 5yrs ago before I married dh. They've advised me to apply for a council house but have warned that I will be low priority due to the fact that I haven't lived in that area for the past 12 months. Even though I have family there and lived there for 23 yrs previously! I just don't know what to do. I can't stay here and don't want to stay here. Dh is absolutely useless and isn't helping in anyway to sort things out for me. I don't know who to speak to who can help me. My eldest son has special needs and in all honesty I am struggling to cope without any help or support, I need to be near my family. Is there no one in RAF that will liaise with the Council to try to push for me to be re-housed. I'll appreciate any suggestions. Thank you for reading. X

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cheltenhamgal · 08/05/2009 16:22

hi is there not anyone on the base who can help with advice about this, not meaning to sound awful but I should imagine they get this happening maybe not frequently but more than we may realise

glucose · 08/05/2009 22:54

Hi, I am not RAF but in Army terms Army Welfare Service would help you in this situation, or you can try SSAFA Housing Advisory Service 020 7463 9398. Sadly many Army marriages end, and wives are helped to find social housing. It is not always possible to move straight from your quarter to a house, it may mean a stay at either Service Cotswold Centre, or at Stepping Stones - both of which are Tri Service, and offer lots of support. Your DH can also transfer his entitlement to a Haig Home to you -again speak to SSAFA. Good luck!

GypsyMoth · 08/05/2009 23:00

i went to a ssafa stepping stones place,got re-housed in area i wanted relatively quickly. so did most of the women there actually. the places are good,ask army welfare for a video/dvd which shows how they can help. you'll be a priority for social housing as you'll be classed as homeless. there are two stepping stones homes. north and south.

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