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Shoe boxes to hot places

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wheresthecorkscrew · 16/04/2009 21:03

Hi - One of my (male) best friends has just deployed to a very hot place for the next six (and the rest )months and whilst blueys will keep the lucky fella up to date with my mundane life, I want to send him something that will really help out there. Do any of you lovely ladies have any suggestions for putting in the shoe box that has been truely appreciated?

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Sophie2008 · 16/04/2009 21:40

Hi, my hubby is in the armed forces, so i asked him what he would appreciate.
If your friend is on an American base then my hubby says there are not a lot english essentials. So things like good tea bags, biscuits, marmite, english mags, are all things that went down well when he was away. I sent him his motorcycle newspapers.

I think anything that reminds him of home would be good, and any treats you can send would surely be apreciated. Also send quite a few as i know the guys/gals share what the receive with everyone.

I hope this helps.

wheresthecorkscrew · 16/04/2009 21:52

Thank you - he's at kar at the mo - so on a base but not sure what is ok to send to that country - I thought a few copies of nuts and marmite, not related I hope!) would be a start.

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Drusilla · 16/04/2009 23:46

I have just been asked for good teabags, junk food (haribo, pot noodles etc ) toiletries and good magazines. Apparently lads mags like loaded, nuts etc are all over the place out there, but not so many more "serious" mags

Sophie2008 · 16/04/2009 23:47

your friend should be able to find out what you are not allowed to send.

Also you probably know this, you can send blueys via the internet to your friend, they get printed off at the other end, which was great when my husband was away, as i gave him lots of updates while i was pregnant.

wheresthecorkscrew · 18/04/2009 20:10

Thanks - been sending blueys already - apparantly my wit isn't enough to keep him going, he needs bloody tea bags too!

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