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Forces sweethearts

NEWBIE just saying hello

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shaztwins1 · 12/02/2009 20:54

well not a newbie to mumsnet but ive only just found the forces page
anyhooo im shaz,im a navy wife.
been married 9 yrs this summer tho we have been together 14 {id be out for good behaviour by now wouldnt i }
we have 3 kids ds1 is 6 and twins 3 1/2 im not on base decided to live up north closer to family
hubs is based on P2000 locally so its a bit of a novelty having him home every nite after 13 yrs living away lol hope to speak to u all soon

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VanillaPumpkin · 14/02/2009 18:31

Helloooooo .
Chat soon.

shaztwins1 · 21/02/2009 09:04

hi thanks for the reply i can see ive made a huge impression lol

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sunnytimer · 25/02/2009 06:22

Message withdrawn

Berryred · 06/03/2009 20:15

hello not been around the boards sorry it's a late welcome

Mercy2 · 10/03/2009 19:00

Hiya, I'm fairly new too.
sorry for late reply, don't get on much!
My DS keeps me busy x x

shaztwins1 · 27/03/2009 21:42

hey girls ive just returned to work part time so been a bit hectic here i now have a washing mountain to sort out lol

hope your all keeping well x

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