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Dh was supposed to be goin on a 4 month detachemnt in June, they have changed it

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Saltire · 10/02/2009 14:11

and he now has to be there on 22nd february, and he is flying out on the 18th! Which is next week. His Ready to move date isn't until Friday, but the desk lot are saying it's now. I am so fuckin furious

OP posts:
SmallShips · 10/02/2009 20:44

Urgh that is crap.

I hate it when they start changing dates.

Don't blame you for being furious, when will he be home?

herbietea · 10/02/2009 20:48

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Saltire · 11/02/2009 07:41

I need to go and see work today, as A) He is flying out on 18th which is smack bang in teh middle of half term week, and DH was on leave to look after DSes while I was at work. I can see they will love that
B) I won't can work Saturdays, which might will cause problems, and I can't see them agreeing to that(It would cost me £48 per Saturday in childcare) and in 6 hours time I may well have hadned my notice in, as I don't see any alternative!

Fecking MOD. He is supposed to be off now until he goes, but because the (Army) chief clerk, who according to DH is only aobut 20 and hasn't a clue what he's doing, hasn't arragned anyhting, DH has no kit, no flight time, transport to brize booked etc

OP posts:
SmallShips · 12/02/2009 17:22

How did work go?

Saltire · 13/02/2009 10:55

They were ok about it all actually. I just can't believe he is going off and leaving me here. I hate it here. I want away

OP posts:
VanillaPumpkin · 14/02/2009 18:27

Oh crap Saltire . What a pain. So sorry you have this to deal with. You know you will cope, though of course it won't be fun .

We will be here .

Saltire · 14/02/2009 20:10

vanilla - at this moment in time though, I don't think I will cope. For the first time in 15 years I feel like I have just "lost it". I'm not crying or anything, I just don't want to be here, I know if I go visit my mum I won't come back. I hate it here, I feel so bloody awful all the time with various pains, I struggle with the DSes, even though they are older, and oh I don't know, feeling sorry for myself I supposes

OP posts:
VanillaPumpkin · 14/02/2009 20:28

Oh Salty .
How old are your dc's. Is going to your Mums an option? I have a feeling they are school age though aren't they, so not really OK. Where in the UK are you? Can you bin the job, or will that mean you never get out or have any time out?
Think of the extra pay and choose something wonderful to buy with it / plan a holiday. You need something to look forward too... It must be so horrid.
I found the waiting for DH to go the worst bit. For me it is never actually quite as bad as I imagine it to be. Could this happen for you??
Take care..

Saltire · 17/02/2009 09:17

Vanilla - not much chance of extra pay though, he is going to be getting charged £3.89 a day for food, and there is no welfare, so he will ahve to apy for all his phone calls and email etc! great huh?

In response to your questions, the Dses are school age (almost 11 and 9), I am in Hampshire and a 7 hour drive from my mum.
It's not so much the fact he is going, because he's not going to a war zone, but I hate it here. I have never settled,I hate the MQ, the neighbourhood, the schools, I know absolutely no-one. The Dses hate school, DS1 in particular is crying a lot now not wanting to go to High School in September, I want back home, to scotland and I just don't want to be left on my own here.

OP posts:
BennyAndSwoon · 17/02/2009 09:59

Oh salty.

Wish I could wave a magic wand for you.

SmallShips · 17/02/2009 10:25


Is there anyway you can move back up there? Or is it not an option?

VanillaPumpkin · 17/02/2009 13:25

Oh dear .
Can you move back home?? It does sound awful esp if the children are not happy too. So hard for you.
I am a bit that they charge for food when on ops . Is that new or have they always done that? I am obviously out of touch.
....Though I do vaguely remember dh saying something about now being charged if he was sent on a course and me saying when I was a civil servant sent on a course I got to eat in hotels and the MOD paid for it. It isn't right is it?

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