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RAF Digby anyone?

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SandyChick · 14/01/2009 19:47

Hi, DH (RN) is likely to be posted to Digby (or one of the surrounding RAF camps) this year, does anyone have any info please? We live in our own home near Durham but id like to know what the MQ's are like to.

Any info will be a great

OP posts:
PuzzleRocks · 14/01/2009 21:59

Bumping for you.

notyummy · 14/01/2009 22:03

Can't help you about the quarters I'm afraid. I have lived at Cranwell, and in a private house in Digby village, which is a few miles awy from the camp. MQs at Cranwell are pretty good, as the ones at Waddington (but I think they are short of quarters there).

On the is Lincolnshire.

waspriceyp · 17/01/2009 10:17

Bumping for you

pinkem · 18/01/2009 14:19

Hi SandyChick,

I'm at Cranwell at the moment, and was at Digby in 2004.

The officers quarters are on 'The Oval' this is just off base, they are old and need looking after!!

Then there is the new(ish) airmen quarters, they are semi detached with garage, all rooms nice size.

Finally there are the old quarters, these are terraced houses where you will fight for parking, although i have never been in one they are apparently 'well built and spacious'.

Cranwell quarters are nice, some on base, some off, i'm not sure about Waddington though as i haven't been there.

If you need to know anymore let me know.

Berryred · 06/03/2009 20:09

I'm at cranwell too my friend just moved into the old style houses at dibgy, which she said although they look horrid nice and big inside.

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