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anyone in Camberley?

4 replies

wtfhashappened · 10/10/2008 15:41

My next door neighbour has just been given a move to Camberley at 6 weeks notice and cannot find a school for her 4 yo dd - does anyone have any recommendations of good schools/ones to avoid in this area?

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arthursmum · 10/10/2008 16:16

I'm not sure if its in the catchment area but I am not far from Camberley at all and have heard good things about Potley Hill School and Frogmore Infant School, it might be worth getting in touch with both.

wtfhashappened · 10/10/2008 16:45

thank you very much AM

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Romy7 · 10/10/2008 19:24

ohhhhh, a year r place in the first month of term
camberley infants gave us a place at short notice (seemed nice enough) but we turned it down as we got a quarter further away instead... i know lots of nice farnborough schools if they get a quarter this way... (about 2 miles down the road lol)
lyndhurst is nice if they decide to go private because of lack of places...
yr r places are like rocking horse s**t round here...

wtfhashappened · 11/10/2008 18:33

yes, I think she is finding that... nightmare for her

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