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DH's monthly mess bill is going up by £15.00 per month to £30.

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saltire · 19/06/2008 09:51

Currently it is £15. He doesn't use the mess, he takes a lunch in with him,a nd obviously lives out.
The place is Army run Tri Service (with a capital A) they ahd a meeting yesterday and the Brigadier has said "In Army QR's the CO of a place can make the decision of how much to raise the Mess Bills by. I can if I so wish make it up to the euqivalent of 4 days wages a month". When all the RAF and Navy personnel complained, he said "You all need to get over the fact that you aren't on Navy bases or RAF camps anymore,a nd this is how we do it in the Army".
DH then discovered that according to Army QRs, if you live out and don't use the mess on a regular basis, then you should only pay half. So for the past year DH should ahve been paying only £7.50. When he pointed it out to teh Brigadier, he replied "well it doesn't apply to you becasue you're not int eh Army"

£30 a month is a lot I feel for a facility he doesn't use.

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laura032004 · 19/06/2008 09:57

Completely agree that it is a lot. God knows how much DH's is. I close my eyes and just let it direct debit each month. Is there anything similar in the QRRN's? It seems very unfair to use the Army regs for one reason, but not another. Is he an officer?

saltire · 19/06/2008 10:01

No thank god he's not an Officer, it would be £300 a month I think if he was.
I just don't get why they have to pay so much.
DH says he is writing to RAF news. All these Army run Tri service places funnily enough all seem to have Brigadiers and Colonels in charge don't they. I've never yet come across one with a Group Captain or a, well whatever the equivalent rank in navy is, in charge

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laura032004 · 19/06/2008 12:20

DH is an officer.

My dad has just left a 'tri-service' army establishment. Sure he's glad to be out of it, although he kicked up as much of a stink as he could against Army regs being imposed on him whilst he was there. Doesn't help that he's a WO, whereas in the Army they have WO1 & WO2, and the WO2's can be much younger and less experienced but still think they're the same rank.

kerryk · 19/06/2008 13:19

dh went to pay his last month and it was £100 we had never missed a payment and he was told if it was not paid within the week he would get charged.

my reaction was when they fking give us the £400 we are due from last april then we will pay it, but dh being the soft touch sensible one paid it off.

he does not get anything from it either, they are chanrged every month for tea and toast but the naffi is never open!!!

saltire · 19/06/2008 17:34

Kerry - Dh got a bill, about £65 a few months ago. We knew he had taken inthe cheques - because where hs works is so modern they can only take cheques,and they lost them. So he was told he had to pay it again or he would be charged. Even though it was their mistake he was made to feel guilty
Then they found them and paid them in , so it was paid twice. Still it menat DH was in credit for a while

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