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Forces sweethearts

dh has been hurt at work and i cant get hold of anyone.

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kerryk · 24/05/2008 11:19

fuck fuck fuck. one of his friends has just called to say he is being taken to hospital but does not know anything about it.

he was supposed to be home this weekend but decided to stay in camp to help out with a excersice. the med centre is closed, he is not at the local hospital and his best friend wont answer his bloody phone.

the frind who called me is supposed to be finding more out for me then calling back.

torn between waiting till i find out more and jumping in the car and heading to him???

OP posts:
Aimsmum · 24/05/2008 12:10

Message withdrawn

Scootergrrrl · 24/05/2008 15:53

Ring your welfare office or even the guardroom if you still haven't heard anything. There are procedures in place for this kind of thing. Fingers crossed for you x

VaginaShmergina · 24/05/2008 15:58

KerryK, not a forces sweetheart but could not read this title in active and not say I hope you have managed to make contact now and that all is well

abba1772 · 24/05/2008 20:03

i hate when they do this, my dh got airlifted to hospital once and they didn't tell we what hospital he was in for 4 hours, he was in england and i was in scotland.

stupid bugger was trying to put his back pack on at the top of a valley, swung it round to get it on and the bag took him down the hill

hope he is okay

littlelapin · 24/05/2008 20:05

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Romy7 · 24/05/2008 21:07

kerryk, been there myself, dh got blown up on ex - try not to panic - you know someone will come and tell you what's going on - assuming you are all sorted now as this was earlier, but I'm worrying for you xx

littlelapin · 24/05/2008 22:13

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

VanillaPumpkin · 24/05/2008 22:16

Just seen this. Hope all ok.

Romy7 · 25/05/2008 09:26

Hoping there's no problem... been having horrid flashbacks on your behalf all night - really hope everything's ok...

bethoo · 25/05/2008 09:32

if something had happened surely you would have been the first to be told? bad communication problems it seems. can you get hold of the welfare/families officer as they can be contacted on the weekend, go to the guardroom as they should have the out of hours number.

Romy7 · 25/05/2008 10:51

not these days bethoo - in these days of the mobile phone a 'helpful' mate will ring (without all the relevant detail) before the noticas is in place - causes all sorts of drama... still places where mobiles are banned for that reason...

paros · 25/05/2008 15:30

hope all ok and the news is good .

kerryk · 25/05/2008 19:00

sorry just back in the house.

stupid bugger had been messing about on a friends quad bike between "battles". somehow he managed to end up lying under the stupid thing and has broken his ribs, his left arm and has stitches in the back of his head.

i called my parents in a total panic and was just getting ready to leave the girls with friends while my parents travelled to my house to look after them when another of dh's friends got in touch and told me what had happened.

i ended up staying at my parents rather than going to him because it looks like he will be sent back here tomorrow to recover.

talk about a total panic!!!! i swear now i know he is going to be ok i am going to kill him!!!!

thank you for the messages.

OP posts:
VanillaPumpkin · 25/05/2008 19:12

Phew! Still sounds painful though . So glad you are all ok. Take care.

VaginaShmergina · 25/05/2008 19:27

Glad he is OK, just keep making the silly bugger laugh, it will hurt like hell and teach him a lesson !!!

What a relief he is OK.

Romy7 · 25/05/2008 20:52

Oh thank goodness for that! Agree with VS - bet he feels really daft too... that'll be the last time he volunteers to 'help' then...
I can put the flashbacks back in the box now!!

littlelapin · 25/05/2008 22:59

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kerryk · 26/05/2008 12:47

thanks everyone. i have calmed down now, dd2 has added arms and legs to the story and is having a great time telling everyone what has happened to daddy!!!

he is on route just now and should be home by dinner.

honestly its like having 3dc.

OP posts:
Romy7 · 27/05/2008 17:40

tell him not to play with the big boy's toys without mummy's permission....

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