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Forces sweethearts

Ok - am getting myself very worked up now

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saltire · 06/02/2008 00:29

DH was promoted last year - on the proviso he signed on for another 7 years. Well the paperwork apparently never came through. Until about 2 weeks ago. However, he tried to book leave for April and couldn't becasue he isn't on the system after March, which is when his 22 years are up. Somehow his paperwork has never got to PMA. he can't get in touch with anyone at PMA becaause they are in teh process of moving from Innsworth.
What has got me worried now is
A) If he doesn't exsist on the system after March, well what if theys top paying him
B) What if the DHE evict us/put the rent up to what we would pay if we were civilain tennants
C) What if they pay him his gratuity and then don't let him sign up again

he says "oh don't worry aobut it" WTF of course I am worried and there is no one he can tlak to either, and neither can I since we don't have Airwaves any more

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saltire · 06/02/2008 09:11

bumping this in case anyone is around!

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scotlass · 06/02/2008 14:15

Saltire, can't help right now but i will ask. My bf is a Maj in manning and records, Glasgow and see if she knows. My DH is nearing his 22yrs (May 2009 - roll on) but can't wait to leave so not sure about admin stuff - i just know we don't get our hands on lump sum till he's out! My bf commissioned from the ranks too so she may remember what happened cos they make you leave as a soldier one day to come back the next day as an officer. I think there was an issue with pay but I'd just had DD8 and my brain was mush so can't really remember. I'll ask for you! The new JPA system is still in it's infancy so there may be screw ups galore. can the chief clerk not check it all out for him? Anyway I'll ask my bf on sat and post her advice

scotlass · 06/02/2008 14:19

P.s don't worry! you know the forces hurry up and wait. I'm sure they'll sort it out. Maybe phone Glasgow desk person direct? I feel for you cos I too have a DH who doesn't worry about anything and I worry about everything!

saltire · 06/02/2008 15:55

Thanks. A letter came today for him from the pensions people asking about his pension. So i called him and he was like "oh well I will give it 2 weeks". he definately sent the paperwork back, having signed on again for 7 years. However, with PMA moving they haven't done anything about it. I just don't want to end up in April with no house and no wage, and if that does happen it will take feckin weeks for it to get sorted out

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kerryk · 06/02/2008 16:15

i would not worry about the house as much just now, i was threatened with getting kicked out when dh took a posting and i stayed behind. i was told that familes are given 3 months before the rent goes up which gives you time to get it sorted.

it would be the wage that i would be stressing about, lets face it how often have they fucked up before. are you in a position to survive till it all gets sorted out, if not i would think about getting in touch with whoever i have direct debits with and explaining to them that there may not be money to meet payments in the account. much better than £££ of bank charges.

i dont trust them at all when it comes to sorting things out, we are due about 2 months wages from the * and this dates back to last april.

saltire · 06/02/2008 16:19

I know Kerry, they treat service people like crap. Ross Kemp should do a programme entitled "living in a married quarter for 3 months" and see how it goes down.
The wage thing is worrying me more than anything, mainly becasue I know what it's like, the JPA and how many mistakes ahve been made because of it. I am laso worried (odd I know) that becasue he is technically still down as leaving the service in march that his lump sum will still be paid, and oh lots of things are stressing me out about it

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VanillaPumpkin · 06/02/2008 16:21

Oh blimey, I would be worried too, but this is typical forces. It will all work out but I am worried you might be out of pocket in the mean time. The house will be fine though.
When I resigned as an MOD civil servant the paperwork didn't get through and they carried on paying me for 4 months before I let them know and it was stopped. I had to pay it all back of course.
There is no Airwaves now but there is a RAF Families federation. We had a magazine through the door. They have taken over from Airwaves. I will try and get you a link. Don't panic.

VanillaPumpkin · 06/02/2008 16:23

here Hope it helps. You do NOT want that lump sum paid imo.

saltire · 06/02/2008 16:43

Vanilla - thanks for that link. i called them up and spoke to really helpful man hwo ahd left the RAF himself just last year! he said that the fact they haven't sent him on terminal leave or got him to sign any discharge papers is a good sign, however he has said that Dh needs to go in ASAP and speak to his Flt Cmdr and ask him to check what his terms of service and his exit date are.

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3andnomore · 06/02/2008 16:52

OH what utter a*...
My dh was asked to extent and stay on where he is, he agreed to it, but then they effed up his Paperwork and were saying, yeah, you will be fine...well, it bloody wasn't...he will be out in April and that will be it...we found out just before X-mas, great present...thanks a blinking lot...
The bummer is, teh guy they promoted to do his JOb can't actually do most of the things until 2009, when he will qualify to do things, like blowing thins up and, he is actually lacking the essentiel skills...but who cares...I am so angry with teh army, dh said he won't take me to his leaving do, because he worries I open my mouth...but they are usesless twats, honest to got, they need sacking...the lot of them...

sorry, became an all about me post then.
I do hope you can work it all out.

saltire · 06/02/2008 16:59

3andnomore - that is awful. Can your DH nto claim wringful dismissal or soemthing? mind you if he did they would probabloy send to him to the outer hebrides for 6 years!

DH ahs actually signed all the paperwork and had his signing on medical. it's jsut I know what they can be like and JPA is a total cockup, and that is what is worrying me more than nayhting. I have heard so many stories about people not getting paid and not getting allowances and having to wait months to get it sorted.
I don't want to wake up one day and have no money or house

OP posts:
VanillaPumpkin · 06/02/2008 18:06

That man you spoke to makes good sense! Hope it is sorted for you asap.
3 - You must be so .

3andnomore · 06/02/2008 18:14

Saltire and Vanilla....I am very with the army, I must admit...I mean, my dh gave 22 years to them and then they send him off pretty unprepared...because obviously most courses take longer and stuff...he is gonna do is Lorry Drioving licence, and we will go from there...
I mena, they could have at least given him his resettlement year, rather then a few month...but of course they say, because my dh had not been told for definate he should have known, and yaddayaddayadda that it could come to this (and we kind a did, but they been so reassuring that he wouldn't have anyhting to worry about, yeah bloody right.......), hohum, we will survive somehow...

VanillaPumpkin · 06/02/2008 18:57

What a stitch up .
It sounds like you have a plan though. Being an Army family means you will be a resiliant one. Just as well hey.

scotlass · 06/02/2008 19:53

3andno more I really hope that civvy st is good to you and the positives outweigh the negatives. I don't blame you being with the army. I laughed cos my DH also threatened not to take me to any do's when his regiment were being arses and screwing up his promotion and posting opportunities. We're going through the opposite, they just presumed he would take a commission and stay and I think they think he's kidding that he can't wait to get out! It's a lottery how much resettlemnent you get totally depends where and who you're serving with which is shite.

Saltire I'm sure you won't end up homeless - evoke squatters rights! I think my bf didn't get paid but she got an emergency advance of wages or something and it did get sorted pretty quick.

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