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there must be more of you out there who have had mould in your quarter, what did you manage to get done about it.

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kerryk · 02/02/2008 21:20

i am really about this now, evey ceiling upstairs has black mould growning on it and my hallway by the back door is the same. i spend hours treating it with stuff from the supermarket but it always comes back.

the de came round and solved the problem by paining the ceilings of course it has grown back through now so i have spend all day scrubbing again.

what can they/will they do about it, i am really at the syage where i want to move quarters becuase of it but knowing my luck the new house will be worse.

OP posts:
SammyC · 03/02/2008 09:12

There is a sealant you can buy which will stop the mould coming back, go to a diy store they will def have it. It just gets painted on and then you can paint over it.

nell12 · 03/02/2008 13:27

Ring up MHS and say HEALTH and SAFETY, badger your estate officer as well.

It needs to be sealed before it can be painted over. Why are you getting mould? Is it poor ventilation? That is an issue that will need to be addressed as well.

Keep on at them and go higher if you need to...

saltire · 03/02/2008 14:01

Just mention the BBC, they'll be round like a shot

VanillaPumpkin · 03/02/2008 14:22

That is totally unacceptable isn't it?? Painting over it?? There are children in that house. I am afraid I think you need to make a BIG stink about it . If you still don't get anywhere with DHE I would go to SAAFA and your AFF (or equivalent). I don't think you should be paying your full rental rate either. We have a road rep type meeting here and our Station commandants wife used to attend. Now that lady could get things done (if you went about it the right way ie not demanding and stroppy etc). It was her who suggested that I should not be paying full rental rates as the quarter was not up to standard....Good Luck. It took me nearly two years to get my bathroom floor replaced. They had agreed to that on march in .

SammyC · 03/02/2008 17:09

I have lived in MQ for years and have had to do many things to make the house into better condition. It sometimes is just easier to do it yourself, the mould may have been from a long time ago and just needs to be treated. I think u may also need to consider how well your house is ventilated? this can help improve the situ. It is out of order but lets face it the rent is cheap and the boys are not on a minimum wage so paying out a little to sort it our selves isnt the end of the world.......

glucose · 03/02/2008 17:18

never had mould but i have just managed to break my oven door handle, which i will fix with good old thick black tape, much more effective than 'housing no solutions'

VanillaPumpkin · 03/02/2008 17:39

The rent is cheap for a reason .

kerryk · 03/02/2008 17:44

sammyc my husband is not on the minimum wage but we are due nearly £3000 from the army in wage arrears. also due to a major fuck up we are having to pay for dh's accomodation while he is posted away which means we pay £500 a month in rent.

if i can get round it i am not going to pay to get this fixed. if they fob me of then i will possibly have to pay for it myself (if i can afford it)

OP posts:
SammyC · 03/02/2008 17:47

I look on the housing as a bonus not a right so happy to do bits that make my home safer. Its prob the reason the whole maintenance system is in melt down as too much is expected and little is done in good grace. In the real world you wouldnt get a bedsit for the price taken from our spouses wages for rent! We lived in a 3 bed with up and down stairs loo, how fortunate we were! I replaced tiles in the bathroom to make it nicer for my family not give myself stress and numerous phone calls to get the work done, guess I just want an easy life!

VanillaPumpkin · 03/02/2008 17:52

To have mould on a bedroom ceiling is not a problem we should have to deal with imo. Decorating and making a nice garden and keeping the house clean and in good repair is one thing, but mould on ceilings is another. Also I am a SAHM (my choice) so we don't have money spare to throw at fixing things like this or even replacing curtains, let alone flooring.....

VanillaPumpkin · 03/02/2008 17:54

Ah, well there we differ. I look at the housing as part of the package and it makes up for having to live in a part of the country I wouldn't choose to miles from my family.

glucose · 03/02/2008 18:09

the tenant who rents our real house just phones the letting agent for any small job that needs to be done, no different to us phoning housing solutions.

twoplusone · 04/02/2008 20:05

I complained about mould in my cellar.. within a week someone came round had alook, a month later all my outside inner walls were stripped back to the brick and replasteres with the proper stuff, They are coming sometime this mnth to repaint the whole cellar and all the floors.

I call GWA (our handy men) for quite a few things..must admit they are generaly good here come out with in a few days.

abba1772 · 04/02/2008 20:20

we've just moved into MQ in thetford and there is fur growing in the cupboard where the sink pipes have exploded (they fixed the pipes but didn't replace the cupboard as it is warped. there is huge chunks at the bottom of the internal doors, someone stole 700 litres of oil from our tank and they tried to charge us for it, raw plugs left in tiles, cupboard with huge build up of dirt, no toilet seats, paint splatter over lino in bathroom, limescale on all the taps in the house, plus missing from sinks, chunks out of walls, tree chopped down in back garden and left to rot..... the list can go on and on. the rent may be cheap but the condition we are expected to live in is appalling espacially when our hubbies are sent away 9 months out of the year to fight for our country.

twoplusone · 04/02/2008 20:29

abba- could you not have refused the quarter.. I would be blowing my lid if that was my quarter.. Are they going to sort it out for you?

sal1309 · 04/02/2008 23:16

my friend had a mould problem and they got saffa involed and it was sorted within a couple of weeks. ive been lucky enough not to have any major probs yet and have had decent houses. All i will say if it is hazordous to your health get saffa involved and things usually get done pretty quick.

abba1772 · 06/02/2008 20:46

it was a rush in job the housing officer gave hubby a quick tour made him sign the papers and hopped off. i then started exploring and first thing i came across was the fur in the cupboard, it looked like dirt but as you got closer you was furry. ewhhhhh. they said they are going to replce it but haven't heard anything yet. all the little jobs i've done m,y self as hubby went a away a week after we moved but i'm quite handy at the diy stuff

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