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Claiming N I credits

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GenderApostatemk2 · 25/09/2021 11:29

Just a heads up that if your spouse served abroad and you went too, you can claim missing NI credits for the time you were there.
I don’t know what it’s like nowadays but DD was born in Germany in 1990 so I had 4 years missing as Child benefit was claimed by serving spouse.
I only found out by chance as I was looking to claim Grandparent credits from DD as I take care of DGS and I’m a few years short of full state pension.
I filled in the online form with (vague) dates of when we were in Germany and had a letter today stating 4 years of NI credits had been added to my record 🤙
So now I will get NI credits up to when DGS is 12 so will get full SP.

OP posts:
mafsfan · 14/10/2021 21:43

Which form did you fill in? I could only find one which said you can only claim for the previous tax year and you need it signed by some unit person. We were away for 2 years 5 years ago so I thought maybe I couldn't claim because it's too late but it would be great for me if I could!

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